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DraculaTM (Deterministic Resource for Analyzing Chips Using Linear Algebra)
Castle Dracula is an on-line program that analyzes Affymetrix® gene chips. It does the following.
  • Generates a model of the responses of individual probes, on a given chip type, to a given gene/transcript.
  • Uses the model to estimate the expression levels of genes/transcripts in tissue solutions applied to that chip type.
  • Maps the background response of each individual array, thus making it easy to identify artifacts on each individual array.

Example of Background Mapping Using DraculaTM More DraculaTM Info.

About Dracula

How Dracula Compares With Other Methods for Analyzing Affymetrix® Gene Chips (Entry N=132)

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Background variation of a good quality Affymetrix® human hg133 gene chip. The background variation is actually rather minimal but what background variation there is clearly stands out. Since there is little background variation, the display has a linear scale. If there is considerable background variation then it is usually preferable to use a logarithmic scale. DraculaTM can display background images using linear, logarithmic increase, logarithmic decrease, exponential increase, and exponential decrease scales.
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